ABOUT THE OWNER: Kimberly Devine

When our team at Uplight Digital Marketing Agency meets with, and hears the goals and aspirations for business owners, we are immediately compelled and dedicated to make their dreams come true. We know that when we serve those who serve others, we can all make the world a better place.

With almost 2 decades of experience, we help our clients identify, plan for, and capitalize on digital opportunity to connect them to their ready, qualified buyers. By leveraging our full spectrum strategy, design, and technology capabilities, we deliver game-changing outcomes for our clients. 


Digital marketing and online reputation are absolutely imperative to be successful in business today. Uplight Digital Marketing Agency, located in Houston, Texas serves businesses in brand implementation no matter where they are on their road to success. Specializing in Websites and Social Media Advertising, we offer customized strategies built specifically to attract paying clients, build brand awareness, and streamline processes. 


We create and build the brand identity and reputation that draws your ready, qualified buyers directly to you using Digital Marketing. Serving our clients above and beyond their Uplight Digital Marketing Agency uses strategies that produce growth with deliverable, quantifiable results.


We serve small businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level, attract more clients, build a stronger brand relationship with targeted audiences, and build more revenues.


  • Are you looking for a professional edge that won't break your budget?

  • Has your marketing material gotten stale?

  • Is it time to develop and streamline a clear brand identity to increase your professional reputation?