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Digital marketing and online reputation are absolutely imperative to be successful in business today. Uplight Digital Marketing Agency, serving the Greater Houston areas, the Dallas Metroplex, DFW and all of central, northern and southern East Texas delivers businesses premier brand implementation no matter where they are on their road to success.

Specializing in Premium Brands, Websites, SEO and Social Media Marketing, we offer customized strategies built specifically to attract paying clients, build brand awareness, and streamline processes. Our decades of experience are the legacy of success that catapult your business to the next level.


INTEGRITY, HONOR & SERVICE are what we stand for. We create and build the brand identity and reputation that draws your ready, qualified buyers directly to you using Digital Marketing. Serving our clients above and beyond, Uplight Digital Marketing Agency uses strategies that produce growth with deliverable, quantifiable results.


It is more important today than ever to have a brand that stands out and attracts online. But there is more to it than that. We have to be sure that what we are doing alerts Google to make our business the most relevant solution to thousands of online searches. We do business branding that is more than visual design, it is also technically designed to make sure Google connects its users to your business.

Our ideal client is ready to take their business to the next level. They want to develop a brand that is cohesive and congruent - so they can truly live their brand with honor. Together we will work with them to help them increase their brand equity, so as years pass, the business will be increasing in value based of course on the work and reputation of the company, but also from the brand itself. 

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“I believe small business owners are the pioneers of today’s world. They are the ones who take the calculated risks, who blaze new trails into uncharted territory to serve others at a higher level, never knowing what tomorrow will bring.” Kimberly Devine, founder of Uplight Digital Marketing Agency, is intimately familiar with the strength and resilience necessary to spearhead new business innovations. She also has the experience and knowledge to make sure that her clients can reach far beyond their expectations through digital marketing, sales training, and business coaching.

With a focus on digital marketing, Kimberly and her team at Uplight Digital Marketing provide exceptional, cost-conscious website development, SEO and social media marketing to small/medium businesses and franchises. They connect clients to their ready, qualified buyers using online strategies and digital marketing.

Through time, they also discovered that some people have a passion for bringing their products or services to the community, but do not necessarily have the sales presentation skills it takes to convert the “interested” into the “sold.” Without income, a business is not a business. It is an expensive hobby. Therefore, she helps people realize their true potential with sales training and business coaching as well. The entire team is grateful for all their amazing clients and absolutely adore watching their increased success! “It is truly an honor to serve these wonderful pioneers building their dreams,” Kimberly states proudly.

Kimberly Kay Devine




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Kimberly expertise and genuine care about your marketing sets her apart from others...by a mile. I truly enjoy working with her. She's very transparent and gives feedback immediately.

Seriously, I'm glad I chose to work with her!” 

Brian, www.kapenow.com