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“I believe small business owners are the pioneers of today’s world. They are the ones who take the calculated risks, who blaze new trails into uncharted territory to serve others at a higher level, never knowing what tomorrow will bring.” Kimberly Devine, founder of Uplight Digital Marketing Agency, is intimately familiar with the strength and resilience necessary to spearhead new business innovations. She also has the experience and knowledge to make sure that her clients can reach far beyond their expectations through digital marketing, sales training, and business coaching.

With a focus on digital marketing, Kimberly and her team at Uplight Digital Marketing provide exceptional, cost-conscious website development, SEO and social media marketing to small/medium businesses and franchises. They connect clients to their ready, qualified buyers using online strategies and digital marketing.

Through time, they also discovered that some people have a passion for bringing their products or services to the community, but do not necessarily have the sales presentation skills it takes to convert the “interested” into the “sold.” Without income, a business is not a business. It is an expensive hobby. Therefore, she helps people realize their true potential with sales training and business coaching as well. The entire team is grateful for all their amazing clients and absolutely adore watching their increased success! “It is truly an honor to serve these wonderful pioneers building their dreams,” Kimberly states proudly.

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