Have the Career, Clients & Life You Love

While Helping Others on a Larger Scale and Making More Money

I have spent decades interviewing successful people of all industries and walks of life. While the people and businesses were all completely unique, there are specific and direct consistencies. These are what I have carried into my own business and I would love to share them with you.

You are looking into a business coach because you are ambitious, you have worked hard, but success seem to come easier to other entrepreneurs. Perhaps you are working with clients who seem to have trouble paying your fees, perhaps you have trouble getting the clients, perhaps you simply want to serve more people and make more money.

Have you set goals, and can’t seem to make the mark?

You can do all these things, and be content and happy. You can live each day in joy!

My program delivers straight truths, specific steps, and mindful awareness to get passed what might be blocking you from the success you deserve faster.

I am Kimberly Devine. I have opened 5 businesses in my lifetime, 2 were sold for exponentially more than the initial investment, 1 sustained a comfortable income for me and my family, 1 was a huge flop (this one is my favorite because this is where I learned the most) and the one I have now, Uplight Digital Marketing Agency. Now in the 2nd year I have built this business with no initial investment. Only monies earned were turned back into the business. The first year out we were six figures in the black, and now in the second year we will meet close to $400k and have a forecast to be at seven figures within the third. I can show you how.

I only choose 3 clients per year for this program, so I can provide for them the attention and time they need to succeed.

If you have more questions about applying for one of these coaching spots, please feel free to reach out via our CONTACT page.