Motivational Marketing Coach

Here's the deal....  Today’s consumers are very intelligent. They know how to shop price, reviews and more in a split second. The do not want to be sold, they know how to get what they want. That makes the job of marketing to be the bed of roses that exudes an aroma which draws your ready, qualified buyer to your products and services.

Sell less, they will buy more.

In today’s marketplace, where consumers are digitally overloaded with everything from cat videos to car ads, it takes something different to catch their attention. It takes you and your brand being relevant, helpful and informative–and giving customers the resources they need to make the right purchasing decision. You heard me: GIVING them the resources. For free. Which, if you do it right, means that purchasing decision will likely be from you.

People search for information before they buy.

Be the place they find the information they seek. You will then position your business in the place that has developed trust with that consumer.

Kimberly uses light-hearted humor and interesting facts to engage audiences, and what’s more – motivate them to ignite the marketing strategy for business and bring the fun to success!