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KIMBERLY DEVINE Motivational Business Speaker


Today’s consumers are very intelligent. They know how to shop price, reviews and more in a split second.


People don't want to be sold. Marketing is like creating a pleasing aroma that others are attracted to.

Sell less, they will buy more.

In today’s marketplace, where consumers are digitally overloaded with everything from cat videos to car ads, it takes something different to catch their attention. It takes you and your brand being relevant, helpful and informative–and giving customers the resources they need to make the right purchasing decision. 

People search for information before they buy.

Your brand needs to provide the information they seek. This builds brand loyalty and trust.

Kimberly uses light-hearted humor and interesting facts to engage audiences, and what’s more – motivate them to ignite the marketing strategy for business and bring the fun to success! Check out the REVIEWS.


How Our Business and Our Client's Businesses Grew During 2020 

Strategies to Make Your Business Recession Proof

How does your business get around brick walls in the maze of life?


There are several specific strategies to Recession Proofing your business - they will be unveiled during this session.


In business and in life, there are sure ways to avoid getting sunk in the mire. This talk will leave the audience feeling inspired, and enriched with skills that will serve them throughout life.




30 Minutes a Week That Will Make You Thousands

Skillful Social Media


Does social media seem to be hard and time consuming and you just never know what might work and what doesn't or why? Today we fix that.


During this talk, Kimberly will give you pro tips for saving time, being accurate, and the secrets that make certain posts have more levity than others.


She will give simple steps that will allow you to achieve more results in less time with her 30 minutes per week strategy. It is fun and easy!



Why You Aren't Getting Qualified Leads From Your Online Marketing

A Digital Marketing Expert's Secrets

So many people say "I don't get any clients from my social media". There is a series of questions we will ask to follow like:

Are you publishing to your business pages at least 3 x per week with branded graphics?

Are you adding followers and likes each week?

Do all of your social media channels have the same images? or different? Why it is important to have both.


We will discuss the whys and hows of each of these important questions and leave you with a confident tactical strategy to get it all done, and done right!

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Speaking Testimonials

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"I’ve heard Kimberley speak a few times and always learn something. She’s a joy to work with and love her enthusiasm and passion for what she does."


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